About Us


Corepharm Bio independently developed a new pharmaceutical formulation named OD!FS® (Oral Dissolving in a Few Seconds).
We strive to devlop a variety of formulations with our innovative OD!FS® platform.
We are dedicated to inventing new pharmaceutical formulations to maximize
treatment effects for patients. We aspire
to augment medication compliance
by developing patient-friendly dosage forms.
We aim to enhance therapeutic effects
with our innovative formulations for the global market.

Business Area

  • Drug Product
    Our product line incorporates our unique formulation technology,
    including incrementally modified drugs, and generic products.
  • Health Functional Food
    Our health-functional food brand, smiheal™ provides intensive
    caring solutions for each person and focuses on developing health supplements with our OD!FS® formulation.
  • Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API)
    We supply high-quality APIs and intermediates to local and
    international markets.
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