What is OD!FS® microgranule formulation?

OD!FS® is a new pharmaceutical formulation that is suitable for all ages.
It dissolves quickly and masks the bitterness of medicines so that
patients can take medicine comfortably.

Particle Structure of OD!FS® 

The particle is about 200㎛ and is distinguished into a drug layer and a taste masking layer.

Absorption Process

The dissolution rate of the formulation is faster than any other formulation,
and it is absorbed perfectly in the mouth within seconds, even without water.
When taste-masking certain ingredients, it can be formulated by adjustment
of the solubility in oral absorption. In this case, the main ingredient will not be dissolved immediately in the mouth, but it will slide over the protrusion of the tongue and melt in the stomach instead, to increase absorption.

Characteristics of OD!FS® Formulation Technology

Quick Dissolution
With a slight amount of saliva, it immediately begins to dissolve and melt in the mouth within seconds. Because of its quick absorption, it is suitable for patients who struggle to take oral administration drugs.
Our taste-masking technology can conceal the highly bitter taste of any drugs and can be administered conveniently without water.
Flexible Prescription
It is suitable not only for solid formulation with high stability but also for low-dose medicine with good uniformity in dosage. For instance, vitamin C 1,000㎎
can be prescribed with OD!FS®.
Impact Resistance and Fluidity
Because of its high impact resistance, it is beneficial to formulate a
powdered medication with a relatively low dosage. With high fluidity, the remaining amount in the packaging can be minimized, thereby enabling the correct amount of active
ingredient administration.

Comparison of Dissolution Speed

Comparison of Dissolving Time and Extent of Residue

Expandable Platform Technology, OD!FS®

Why OD!FS® ?

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