about OD!FS®

‣ OD!FS® (Oral Dissolving in a Few Seconds) is an unique formulation technology platform, which microgranule orally dissolves in a brief instant after medication.
‣ New technology formulation which is different from the existing granule and powder form.

Quick dissolving in your mouth

  • Instant dissolving
  • Melt away in 5 seconds
  • No water needed
  • No residual remains
  • Sweet taste and flavor

Easy carrying in your wallet

  • 1mm extra thin sachet
  • Handy like a credit card
  • Pocketed in the wallet
  • Not silhouetted
  • Promise secrecy

Versatile to various substances

  • Max. 150 mg of active ingredient can be loaded
  • ETC / OTC / Health functional foods
  • Taste masking
  • Easy application to the elderly and the children

Why innovative DDS(OD!FS®) necessary?